Cymbal Felts

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  • CSV8-29 - Standard Cymbal Sleeve (x4)

    Cymbal sleeve for cymbal stand - protect the cymbale from the threading of the stand and suppress vibrations between the cymbal and the stand- Fits all 8mm stands- Sleeve diameter: 35mm- Total height: 29mm - height above the sleeve: 20mm- Material: plasticPack of 4 cymbal sleeves

  • FLT-C1 - Cymbal Felt Washer 35x15mm (x4)

    Replacement felt washer for cymbal standTechnical Specifications:- Outer Diameter: 35mm- Inner Diameter: 12mm- Thickness: 15mm- Color: grey- Pack of 4 units

  • FLT-HHC - Hi-Hat Plate Felt (x2)

    Replacement felt washer for hi-hat stand plateTechnical Specifications:- Outer Diameter: 50mm- Inner Diameter: 10mm- Thickness: 10mm- Color: grey- Pack of 2 units

  • FLT-HHT - Hi-Hat Clutch Felt (x4)

    Replacement felt washer for hi-hat clutchTechnical Specifications:- Outer Diameter: 25mm- Inner Diameter: 10mm- Thickness: 12mm- Color: grey- Pack of 4 units